WGF12 runs from 1pm on Friday 15 June until 4pm on Sunday 17 June 2012.

WGF12 guest artists are Martha Masters (USA), VIDA Guitar Quartet (UK), Matthew Robinson (UK), Guitar Circus (UK). They are all fascinating artists with a huge amount of advice to offer students. WGF students are invited to take part in their masterclass sessions during the festival, either actively, or as an observer. There will be other workshop activities running concurrently to students have the maximum amount of flexibility to focus on the elements they enjoy the most.

Below is the outline timetable for the festival to give you a general overview of what WGF will be offering.

Friday 15 June

1.00pm : lunchtime concert at St Lawrence Church: Matthew Robinson
2.00pm : Registration
3.00pm : Guitar Orchestra rehearsal
4.30pm : break
6.00pm : end
7.30pm : evening concert at Milner Hall: Martha Masters

Saturday 23 July

9.00am : Finger Aerobics : technical warm up
9.45am : Guitar Orchestra
10.45am : break
11.00am : Masterclass 2 or Workshop 2
12.00pm Lunch
1.00pm : Concert: Guitar Circus
3.00pm : Open masterclass with Martha Masters
4.00pm : break
4.30pm : Guitar talk by Oren Myers
6.00pm : end
7.30pm : evening concert at Winchester Discovery Centre: VIDA Guitar Quartet

Sunday 24 July

9.00am : Masterclass 3 or Workshop 3
11.00am : break
11.30am : Guitar Orchestra rehearsal
1.00pm : lunch
3.00pm : WGF Student Concert
4.00pm : END